Autumn Vibes - SOLD

I am an artist living in the Unami Creek Valley near Green Lane, Pennsylvania. I received a bachelor of fine arts from Syracuse University where I concentrated on photography and metalsmithing. After graduating I spent a number of years designing and fabricating a successful line of nature-inspired sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. My jewelry was sold in galleries throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

More recently, I’ve returned to my love of photography and painting. My photographic images have received a number of international awards. I take many photographs of a particular subject and bring them to the computer screen where I paint dreamlike moods and surreal atmospheres. I cherish my connection with nature and believe that there is more to an image than preserving a moment in time. There are many factors that are in play: the visual, smells, sounds, thoughts and life experiences. All of these influences are essential to my photography and the creation of the final image. It is a collaboration between artist, nature and modern technology.=================================================================================My images are created by merging, layering and arranging photographs into expressions of color, thoughts, dreams and fleeting moments in time. My photographic images can be bought as Wall Art or Sculptural Vessels. Award winning images are transposed onto vases and bowls that have been rescued, revived and repurposed.  These sculptural vessels are formed by adhering a printed image, hand painting and then applying many layers of acrylic sealer to give a satin glass appearance.

Using my past artistic experiences I am currently immersing myself in Encaustic painting. This is a process of applying hot wax to a wood board and manipulating it with a torch. It has unique qualities that can only be achieved through layers and layers of melted wax, oil pastels, alcohol inks and oil paint. Encaustic paintings invite the viewer to come closer in order to touch, feel and engage. These abstract little worlds of gardens, forests, and flower fields are a way of losing yourself in remembering, dreaming or just being.

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