BethAnne Lutz, an international award winning photographic artist was born in Pennsylvania surrounded by meadows, woods and creeks. Her love of the outdoors grew tremendously throughout her life. She pursued fine arts in college graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University. After moving to the Unami Creek Valley, she further developed her love of art for she was surrounded by an abundance of inspiration. The photographs she takes are brought to the computer screen where she paints dreamlike moods and surreal atmospheres. BethAnne cherishes her connection with nature and believes that there is more to an image than preserving a moment in time. There are many factors that are in play: the visual, the smells, the sounds, thoughts and life experiences. All of these influences are essential to BethAnne’s photography and the creation of the final image. It is a collaboration between the artist, nature and modern technology.

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